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Global Game Jam 2013

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January 2013

Description - 

The theme for that year was to make a game based on hearbeats. We had about 48 hours to design and create a game that followed this theme. We created Stealth which was a game that made use of PS Moves to convey the state to the players. The rules were simple, each round the game would pick one random player to be it, and this was shown by turning the color of that player's ps move to blue. The players had to basically tag the "it" by tapping their controller, the catch was they could not move more than a certain speed otherwise their controller would turn red and they would be out. Also the amount of time each round lasted was random, and the players would be out of the game if they moved at all in between round transitions. 

My Contribution - 

I was the Game play programmer for this game and I was responsible to get input from the ps move controllers and implement the rules of the game. I also worked extensively with the designer to play test it and to tweak the game so that it would feel right. We made this using Unity3D and because of the wrapper that was used for Ps Move, it works only on a Mac. 

game stealth play video 1280x720 from heem patel on Vimeo.

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